Saturday, April 23, 2011

Book #2 Fight Club

Book number 2 will be Fight club :D

After reading "A picture of Dorian Gray" I cannot decide whether I enjoyed it or hated it. I hate Dorian Gray though, disgusting fellow. bleh.

I've been recommended these books thus far:
Little Women
Dharma bums

Let us hope I keep with this little program of mine, must improve self...


    SHIIIIT, can't remember the books i've read ;A;
    whatevs here's stuff off top of my head:

    sherlock holmes series (definately read this)
    Discworld Series
    Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy
    a game of thrones
    3 musketeers
    les misreables

    all but the bottom three will take you a day to read. sherlock holmes series aren't novels, but compilation of short stories (but the content of each story is that of a novel, so well worth it)

  2. Wuthering Heights? I've yet to read it but I have it on my bookshelf mm.

    HAVE YOU READ JODI PICOULT BOOKS? I love them! Like Tenth Circle, Nineteen Minutes etc.

    Also, The Sevenwaters Triology - consists of three parts (obviously lol) ..originally sort of based off a Brother Grimms tale mmm. Love them <3

  3. I LIKE SEVENWATERS TRILOGY! by Juliet Marillier right? they are not hard to read either.