Saturday, April 30, 2011

Book #3 1984

Yay! third book now!
I decided to go with 1984 mainly because I've always wanted to (and never given myself the chance to) read it

On another note, does anyone know any books written in a similar style to fight club? I really liked the black humour in it. hmmmm :(

I've decided after 1984, I'll start reading "The Enders Game". I am no fan of sci-fi but I was promised a riveting read, so let's hope Jimmy was not lying.


  1. Ender's Game is awesome.

    Ender's Shadow is even better.

    Seriously, the Ender's Shadow arc is amazing. The sequels to Ender's Game just get really really trippy.

  2. 1983 was better, trollolololol :D

  3. Zomg Enders game. I want it!